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it was challenging and frustrating for many owners such as birds and other birds . This disorder can be said in some Mvardvsvasy but this bird in domestic environment , especially in large cities have a different origin story a lot. Filling effect in a number of species of parrots ( such as Amazon parrots and African gray Yatvty , Macau , Makadv ) Cockatoos, Macaws and Cockatiels seen.
Team site 6019 IRI honored to have Barry Dgrbrg gold on Brsmajt and Research Mstmrv boarding at the root cause of the issue complicated feather picking psittacine has cholera aims to support Azhqanyt better life for all animals and pet birds specialized reference it gives you interested in prevention.It is here, site management and accelerating Drrvndyaftn 6019 Dear Mr. Ahmadian optical routing functionality of this complication have the utmost thanks and appreciation. Dear Members of the audience and we hope you are pleased to be

Filling or feather picking in psittacine What?

As you know, birds, feathers and skin during the day to maintain health and vitality Rajht frequently cleaning dust or foreign particles thatAnd their feathers Mychynnd order if you want it to look as realistic event that any bird can be filled with a sense of pride like Rftarkhvd vote to take place in otherBirds are indicators of a smooth and orderly Mghrvrdashtn Prhayy is in perfect healthIf a bird is absolutely no doubt this is a biological disorder biological disorder, a disease that can be hidden with the causes and origins of the bird to suffer dangerousFilling a biological disease and other diseases in psittacine pet birds and Mytvandbh frequently occur

What is the filling and filling most of the Parrot and other birds are kept in the home is?

Many other psittacine Kaskv Lthayy can be attributed to the filling .of household maintainers Bkhatrmshahbt all filling parrot parrot filling main cause of the disease is not in any Azthqyqathay researchers noteThe main reason why you Drtvty Asasachnd fill Sanan ‘s happening there. These factors can be described in the medical and non-medical . It should be noted that a medical reason for filling it rarely happens. , And many of whom could be said that medical or psychological causes . , But the research team reviewed site Iran 6019 and putting together puzzles prominently found in all cases thatproper preventive maintenance and minor instances of such animals will not Dlbndtan other Dchararzh

Mstdly the 6019 team that reached Iran to fulfill the basic functionality is filling Klrmvjvd water.

These names yourself Bsnjydv tell. Because this aspect of public consciousness for humanity Dardtym Research Site 6019 Iran it up this way so that the welfare both at the human and in the category of animals no longer usedDepression, violence, aggression, weakness, respiratory system, skin disease, skin sensitivity, stiff feathers, skin rash, urinary changes, lack of physical systems, the loss of fat, skin, intestinal inflammation, loss of skin fat and impaired intestinal system cancer, liver and kidney disorders, abortio
As we all know , human resources , our water supplies , including rivers, wells , springs, dams and so on . These waters are polluted Mykrvarganyzmhavmykrvb Azanhabdvn use sterilization , we may Ansanhaghyr . Water and wastewater agencies to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and hygiene supplies water to the citizens , attempted to add chlorine to the water . Chlorination disinfection of water in the world today as the most common method usedBatbyzy If any part of the animal waste according to Parrot Parrot must say that the maintenance of the family should have the most careful and watch the Parrot insightful against all property and it has a problems system is compromised, is domains . Parrot have the ability to quickly become poisoned and otherwise according to theThe bird’s health would be endangered. Parrot Ghryzh inherent in nature in terms of observations for detoxification of the body, researchers attempted to eat semi-moist red clay and activated charcoal (active charcoal) and treat her this way., But in the home environment because of lack of knowledge of birds and their owners are not allowed. One of poisoning, which can be a danger to the parrot chlorine Chlorine in the water can have a parrot and his aggression and depression borderAlso lead to death. Everyone who psittacine group (Kaskv, Amazon parrots, a Dutch bride lovebird, Makadvvghyrh …) maintain a one time experience this condition frequently have impaired their bird feces, in more severe forms of respiratory problems Vhalt patient is Dcharprkny. Bkhatrsbk of urban life and space constraints often pet owners or pet birdCleaning the bathroom at home to start their lives all the problems and complications in the beginning of this placeTo clean the bathrooms happening place full of bacteria and viruses that can cause disease.Multiply rapidly and can transmit the organism if we ignore all of these factors, all of us oftenMultiply rapidly and can transmit the organism if we ignore all of these factors are often allBefore any of us, bath, shower, hot water will open up the steam boiler is so wetI must say you start with the onset of warm high vapor volume make these cards have beenChlorine vapor weather is so much more room and started all Mvardzyrchh for yourself or your beloved pet birdNotice must say bathing for those prone to problems such as feather picking psittacine more damage than giving them a bath

How do you avoid the high side

Treatment for uncomplicated filling psittacine birds must bathe for longer intervals with an average of 45 days Ykbarv chloro-free water should be low in volume and scaleParrot has sebaceous glands responsible for cleaning their Hstndv personal grooming overcomeDuring treatment. Remember the bird convalescent leave behind her completely avoid bathing the bird does not repeat the resulting reactionBkhatrfrq keep most preservatives may no longer amount to several months so be patientA bird that is prone to failure because the filling is Dvchararamsh Prhaysh after pulling the same act again to develop this condition in terms of their learning Ghryzh therapy by itself will doAfter bathing in the bird’s recovery, he spent several long recovery period to avoid Vbgzaryd bird hazards and caring for birds recover from a totally avoid coloration, such as bathing seekUse sprinklers for cleaning parrot Dlbntan a tool is fully functional and you can mix water with no chlorineAlong with aloe vera leaf juice, 1 tablespoon at a rate of 300 cc of water to disinfect bird baths, bird wetting also enjoy full transparencBut at least until the water spray and dust does not penetrate the feathers perfectly round shape of the feathers parrot does not go away. The water contains chlorine and bathe in the bird bath in every situation you can completely avoidAnd duration of each period of 45 days periodically to do with the bird bath. When cleaning bird cages and take it out of the cage bird cage cleaning the environment.To completely avoid the possibility that they cause adverse effects to minimize. Sterilized garden psittacine birds, especially blue instead of once a week and wash every day dining Vja birds per day of safe waterMore birds will be. It should be noted that the actions that they have a thorough understanding Vashnayy birds are causing adverse health effects seek to avoid.